This is Fortune Cookie Millennial, a 26-year-old Chinese professional living in Chicago. My greatest accomplishment so far: I came to America by myself at the young age of 16 as a high school student, and through diligence and hard work, survived college and grad school. My next big challenge: the American Dream, which to me is Financial Independence!

Coming from a Chinese background, where families culturally value education very highly and traditionally provide everything they can to afford children’s schooling, I didn’t have to worry about money one bit because all my schooling expenses were paid for by my parents. I was Fortune-ate enough and am still grateful that I have no student debt because of the sacrifice made by my parents, but because of that, I lacked financial discipline and money management skills. Not until August 2015, I took a serious look at FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) and started to save more than 50% of my paycheck for my Financial Freedom.

So why the name Fortune Cookie? First, Fortune Cookie embodies both Chinese and American cultures which is really fitting to my background. If you don’t know yet, fortune cookies are invented in California. Secondly, as I have previously mentioned, I feel extremely fortunate about everything that had happened to me: a loving family, the privilege to come to America, and the current job I have. Third but not least: I’m building my Nest Egg, my Freedom Fund, my F-You Money, my Fortune!

I hope this blog can inspire my fellow millennials, American or international like me, to free themselves financially from the grind and toils in the American work life.

Save! Invest! Live! Keep the Fortune Cookies cracking!

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