Welcome to Fortune Cookie Millennial!

The fortune I got in 2013, meant to be?

Welcome to my blog! This is Fortune Cookie Millennial, a 26-year-old* Chinese national who came to America at the age of 16, and now a working professional pursuing the American Dream, which to me is Financial Independence.

I started this blog to document my experience in the professional world as a foreign worker and my journey to achieve financial independence. I have many friends, American and Chinese alike, who seem to constantly struggle financially and have a hard time saving any money despite having decent paying jobs. In fact, I was one of them: coming from a Chinese family, who traditionally values education and paid for my schooling in America, money was never something I had to worry about. Not until I researched online what on earth 401k is after beginning work life, it led me to financial blogs one after another, and eventually I was converted to the Financial Independence movement. I wish that this blog can help my friends and whoever happens to stumble upon here succeed financially.

If you’re an international student or a foreign worker like me, hopefully you can find something valuable from my experience as a fellow foreigner. I know trying to survive and make a living in America, away from your family and loved ones, can be really daunting. I hope this blog can give you encouragements and inspirations. If you’re an American, that’s great too: you will find a range of topics from a foreign person’s point of view, hopefully that would give you unique insights. You will learn more about the lives of international students and professionals, which I believe often go unnoticed in the general public.

So why Fortune Cookie? I consider myself quite Americanized since I came here at a fairly young age, so I was looking for a name that embodies both Chinese and American cultures. Fortune Cookie was the first thing that came to mind, and if you don’t know yet, fortune cookies were invented in California. Also, since I will be talking about money quite a bit, having “Fortune” in there seems quite fitting.

So welcome again to Fortune Cookie Millennial! Let’s keep the Fortune Cookies cracking!

*I actually just turned 26 a week ago. In fact, this blog is my birthday gift to myself. Such a lavish spending, isn’t it?

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Fortune Cookie Millennial!”

  1. Looking forward to seeing more posts!

    Everyone has a different perspective and story to tell when it comes to personal finance. I’m curious how your perspective will be given your background.

    The name is great btw!

  2. So proud of you! I was in Dalian this week and saw Nathan there. We reminisced about the class of 2008! Keep up the good work!

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